Richard Edward Toensing (1940-2014) was an esteemed composer, a respected teacher, and an extraordinary choral conductor. Explore this site in honor of his music and continuing legacy.

Faculty Tuesday: The Music of Richard Toensing
Tuesday March 31, 2015, 7:30 PM
Grusin Hall, CU College of Music, Boulder

Denver church gives posthumous premiere of Richard Toensing piece
Colorado Public Radio, 8/13/14

In Memoriam

New Music Box (a publication from New Music USA)
Richard Toensing (1940-2014)—“The Oak Doesn’t Grow as Fast as the Squash”
By Kristin Kuster (composer and former student)
August 5, 2014

“Dick Toensing gave us some of the most gorgeous music on this earth. Equally important, the distinguishedness of the sheer volume of wisdom he imparted to his students is immeasurable. He was an ever-optimist, an ever-realist, and never a downer. Yes, he could see through the bull-hooey quicker than most and didn’t hesitate to politely call it out. His career was like the slow-growing oak, and as an artist, teacher, and human he expressed himself clearly, gently, with respect and compassion.”

Colorado Public Radio Remembering Colorado composer Richard Toensing, 1940-2014 Audio: Composer Richard Toensing on hearing his own music performed