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"Boulder composer Richard Toensing, who joined the Eastern Orthodox Church in 1997, has written a spellbinding Christmas choral concerto in traditional Orthodox style for soloists and two four-part choirs. It, along with a series of his Orthodox carols, louis vuitton official website is stunningly realized by Cappella Romana, a choral ensemble based in the Pacific Northwest."
- Kyle MacMillan, Denver


"Composer Richard Toensing, based at the University of Colorado, has created a stunning "Choral Concerto" based on Greek texts and Byzantine Christmas hymns from ancient times. This is gorgeous music, wonderfully sung. The CD includes a dozen "New Orthodox Christmas Carols" by Toensing that are, if anything, more lovely than the Kontakion."
- Marc Shulgold,
Rocky Mountain News


"...glorious, lush, beautiful, dramatic, and demanding music... what I also hear is a master composer, fully on top of his game, synthesizing many of the best influences of 20th century choral writing..."
-Richard Barrett, Orthodox music blogger


"...this version of the Kontakion (essentially a lengthy chanted sermon) is as unique as it is enjoyable. Here, Toensing employs the paraliturgical concerto setting for the illumination of these stanzas and the melodic formulas of the Russian ‘Greek’ chant version of mode three. These hymns are not liturgical music as such, at least not as understood today. louis vuitton handbags But the charm and beauty of the music and the theological potency of St. Romanos' texts keep the listener's attention in a joyful crescendo of praise to the Lord's Incarnation from the Virgin and the Holy Spirit.

The 2nd part of the disc is devoted to a collection of New Orthodox Carols for the Nativity of Christ and here the term carols is operative since these are truly carols in a Dickensian sense. ...They could be easily learned and sung in a non-liturgical parish setting and may, in time, grow to become the favorite of American Orthodox audiences since they are adapted from well-known liturgical settings. ... This is a very accessible recording and one that sweeps the listener up in the harmonious cadence of the stanzas and the hymns....it is a real louis vuitton sunglasses treat. As always, the musicianship of Cappella Romana is above reproach and the arrangements really give the superb voices of the group ample room to shine...."
- Fr. Apostolos Hill, Liturgica.com

" exceptionally colorful and refreshingly uncontrived"
-Washington Post

" Richard Toensing is a super-high-voltage contemporary composer whose musical language is pile-driver strong and laser sharp... what interesting sounds! - the impact is magical. Good composer -- of organized sound -- this man Toensing ."
- Audio

" a gift for the violently dramatic, a sense of climax, a rich harmonic palette, an acute ear for unusual sonorities..."

- High Fidelity

" Magnificent"
- Denver Rocky Mountain News

" There were some outright winners among the selections -- including the world premiere of Richard Toensing's " Fantasia (of Angels and Shepherds)...."
- Washington Post

" The music itself is compelling....there are many passages which are beautifully reserved, even meditative."
- OP

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