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Variations for Piano
Duration: 20:21
Hidden Ground
Duration: 10:00
Duration: 9:00
Pianobook 1: piano miniatures
Duration: 10:00
Rigors and fantasies: amplified piano, amplified harpsichord (1 player)
Duration: 23:00


Processions: baroque organ
Duration: 9:30
Sounds & Changes II
Duration: 6:33
Sounds & Changes III
Duration: 6:08
Three Chorales
Duration: 10:00


The Wendell Berry Songs for Mezzo and Piano
I. Grace
   (Duration: 5:45)
Windows Media MP3
II. October 10
    (Duration: 3:36)
Windows Media MP3
III. The Cold
     (Duration: 4:08)
Windows Media MP3
IV. The Finches
     (Duration: 3:38)
Windows Media MP3
V. April Woods: Morning
    (Duration: 3:03)
Windows Media MP3
VI. A Song Sparrow Singing in the Fall
     (Duration: 5:34)
Windows Media MP3
Spring, a Sacred Song Cycle
for Soprano and Fifteen Players
Duration: ca. 32'
   I. Akebono Ya
    (Duration: 2:21)
Windows Media MP3
   II. Returning
    (Duration: 5:04)
Windows Media MP3
   III. Spring
    (Duration: 4:50)
Windows Media MP3
   IV. Aus einenm April
    (Duration: 4:11)
Windows Media MP3
   V. Antiphon XV
    (Duration: 7:40)
Windows Media MP3
 VI. Interlude
    (Duration: 3:40)
Windows Media MP3
 VII. Surrexit Christus
    (Duration: 2:48)
Windows Media MP3
 VIII. ...in just... SPRING
    (Duration: 4:21)
Windows Media MP3
Oboe and Piano
Duration: ca.14'
Children of Light
for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano
Duration:ca. 18'
   I. Dawn Processional
Windows Media MP3
   II. The Song of the Morning Stars
Windows Media MP3
   III. The Robe of Light
Windows Media MP3
   IV. Silver Lightning, Golden Rain
Windows Media MP3
   V. Phos Hilarion (Vesper Hymn)
Windows Media MP3
A Thomas Requiem (song cycle on poems by Dylan Thomas)
high tenor, harp, flute, clarinet, one percussion
Duration: 28:00
flute, clarinet, two percussion, piano, string quartet
Duration: 15:00
flute, clarinet, two percussion, piano, string quartet
Duration: 24:00
Vom Himmel hoch
Duration: 6:44
Windows Media MP3
Ich Steh' an deiner Krippen hier
Duration: 5:53
Windows Media MP3
Fang' dein Werk
Duration: 1:28
Windows Media MP3
O Traurigkeit
Duration: 3:52
Windows Media MP3
Christ lag in Todesbanden
Duration: 7:28
Windows Media MP3
   Fantasia (of Angels and Shepherds)
  cello, two percussion
   Duration 10:00
   Laetantur Archangeli
   Duration: 8:07
   flute (alto flute, piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), piano, violin, cello
   Duration: 12:00
   From the Book of Hours
   organ, piano, two percussion
   Duration: 20:00
   violin, two percussion
   Duration: 6:11
Nocturnes and Memories
soprano and chamber ensemble:
1011,1100, two percussion. harp, piano/celesta, 11111
Duration: 35:00
Sounds and Changes IV
organ, percussion
Duration: 12:16
harp, clarinet, synthesizer, percussion
Duration 10:00
organ, piano, two percussion
Duration: 20:00
Nativity Suite
Violin and Piano
Duration: ca. 12:00

Double Chaconne
Violin and Cello
Duration: ca. 15:00


Concertino for Piano and Nine Instruments
Piano solo, Fl, Cl.,2 Perc., 2 Vlns., Vla, Vc, DB
Duration: 9:00

3 Songs on Poems of Kathleen Raine
Mezzo, Clarinet, Cello, Piano
Duration: ca. 20:00
...from a densely shadowed mountain... Stichos Alpha
Flute, Horn, Viola, Piano
Duration: ca. 7:00
Stichos Beta
Flute, Horn, Violin, Piano
Duration: ca. 7:00


A Psalm for Vespers
chorus and large wind ensemble
(also available for chorus, two percussion, piano, organ)
Duration: 18:00
Hymns for the Orthros of Christmas
SATB soloists, SATB choir
Duration 10:06
Windows Media MP3
Nunc Dimittis
TTBB, piano, organ
Duration: 15:00
Psalm 84
SATB, Brass Quintet, Organ
Duration: 15:00
Three Christmas Motets
SATB-SATB double choir
Duration: 15:00
Choral Concerto: Kontakion on the Nativity of Christ
Soprano, Boy Treble, Tenor, 2 Baritone, Bass soloists
Double Choir SATB-SATB
Duration: 32:00
Requiem Prayers
Wind Ensemble
pdf (downloadable)
Requiem Prayers
Organ Version
pdf (downloadable)
Requiem Prayers
Score Chamber Orchestra
pdf (downloadable)

To order the RESPONSORIA CD, click Contact

SSATBarB, Percussion, Piano, Double Bass  
The Responsoria are available either as three complete books (9 motets in each) or in groups of three:

Book I
Duration: 36:11
Group I
    I. In Monte Oliveti
    Duration: 5:02
    II. Tristis est
    Duration: 3:13
    III. Ecce Vidimus
    Duration: 5:20

Group II
    IV. Amicus Meus
    Duration: 3:25
    V. Judas Mercator
    VI. Unus ex Discipulis
    Duration: 4:25

Group III
    VII. Eram Quasi Agnus
    Duration: 4:17
    VIII. Una Hora
    IX. Seniores Populi
    Duration: 10:28

Book II
Duration: 50:42
Group IV
    I.Omnes Amici Mei
    Duration: 4:44
    II. Velum Templi
    Duration: 5:11
    III. Vinea Mea
    Duration: 7:51

Group V
    IV. Tamquam ad latronem
    Duration: 3:36
    V. Tenebrae
    Duration: 7:34
    VI. Animam Meam Dilectam
    Duration: 8:05

Group VI
    VII. Tradiderunt
    Duration: 2:22
    VIII. Jesum Tradidit
    Duration: 2:59
    IX. Caligaverunt
    Duration: 8:20

Book III
Duration: 40:50
Group VII
    I. Sicut Ovis
    Duration: 4:03
    II. Jerusalem, Surge
    Duration: 2:57
    III. Plange Quasi Virgo
    Duration: 4:59

Group VIII

    IV. Recessit Pastor
    Duration: 2:58

    V. O Vos Omnes
    Duration: 5:02
    VI. Ecce Quomodo
    Duration: 5:35

Group IX
    VII. Astiterunt
    Duration: 3:14
    VIII. Aestimatus Sum
    Duration: 5:25
    IX. Sepulto Domino
    Duration: 6:37

The Advent Gospel
A Chamber Oratorio
Duration: ca.45'
Concerto for Flutes and Wind Ensemble
Solo flute (doubling piccolo, alto), 3342, 4331, three percussion, harp, piano, celesta
Duration: 15:00
available on rental from Carl Fischer, Inc.
Concerto for Flutes and Orchestra
solo flute (doubling alto) 2222, 2220, timpani, two percussion, harp, piano, celesta, strings
Duration: 25:00
Doxologies for Winds, Brass and Percussion
Duration: 14:00
Nocturnes and Memories
Soprano solo, 2222 2220 two percussion, two harps, piano, celesta, strings
Duration: 35:00
Night Songs
Mezzo solo, large wind ensemble
4453 4430 timpani 3 percussion, harp, synthesizer, piano/celesta, db
(also available for Mezzo and orchestra 3333 4331 timpani 3 percussion, harp, synthesizer, piano/celesta, strings)
Duration: 45:00
Windows Media MP3
The Wendell Berry Songs
Mezzo solo, 2222, 2100, 3 Perc, Hp, Pno/Cel, Synth, Strings 88642
Duration: ca. 26:00
...when beings of fire sang praises with beings of clay...
Viola solo, Piano, Strings (also available for Viola solo and Wind Ensemble 3333,4331, Tmp, 3 Perc, Hp, Cel, Pno, DB)
Duration: ca. 5:00

All music (except the Concerto for Flutes and Wind Ensemble) available for purchase by email.    
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